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The Cash Cow for Cops Needs to Stop


Nationwide, a groundbreaking investigation into equitable sharing by the Washington Post in 2014 found agencies made nearly 62,000 cash seizures since 9/11. None of these seizures involved indictments or warrants. In a telling display of profiteering, the Post uncovered over 500 departments and task forces that “seized the equivalent of 20 percent or more of their annual budgets since 2008.”

A follow-up investigation by the Post later that year found that, since 2008, more than 5,400 law enforcement agencies spent $2.5 billion in equitable-sharing funds. Incredibly, “in 81 percent of cases no one was indicted.”

The Cash Cow for Cops Needs to Stop â Pacific Standard

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Progress, but not enough.

There's still too much benefit to seizing, it seems. 

I read elsewhere that this past year, US law enforcement agencies crossed the line of confiscating more assets without trial than the sum of all reported thefts. 

Geez, that begs the question of who can police the police?

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