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This Is The Research-Backed Way To Increase Grit

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Here’s what Angela Duckworth says will build that inner strength and make you gritty:

  • Pursue what interests you: You’re not going to stick it out if you don’t care.
  • Practice, practice, practice: It’s not just how you get to Carnegie Hall. We love doing things we’re good at.
  • Find purpose: How does what you do help others? That’s what makes a job into a calling.
  • Have hope: No “wishing on a star” here, pal. Have hope because youare going to make it happen.
  • Join a gritty group: Mom was right; spend time with slackers and you’ll be a slacker.

So you do all of these things and become a Tyrannosaurus of grit. Awesome. Know what else you will be?


Angela surveyed 2000 people and the results were clear: “I found that the grittier a person is, the more likely they’ll enjoy a healthy emotional life.”

And it’s not some lazy, starry-eyed contentment. Gritty people strive every day and enjoy new challenges. That’s the exciting kind of happiness. Here’s Angela:

I was talking to Brad Stevens who’s the coach of the Boston Celtics. He said, “I’ll never be the coach I want to be, but it sure is fun trying.” It’s not that gritty people are necessarily content in the comfortable sense, but they are content in the sense that they enjoy the pursuit of excellence and there’s nothing they’d rather do than keep trying to get better everyday.

Everyone today is concerned with work-life balance. It’s nice to know that the same quality that can make you a success in your career can help promote happiness at home.

You should never give up on being happy. Or better yet: never give up on yourself.

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