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How far can we go? The limits of humanity, by Kurzgesagt

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Top Reddit comment:

There was an inventor who would spend hours at a time staring at the stars contemplating the immense size of the universe. His wife, however, didn’t understand or appreciate his work. She would continually nag him to spend his time on the more important things. "Have a sense of proportion and perspective," she would say. So, he built the Total Perspective Vortex to give her a sense of perspective. He wanted her to see why he was spending so much time studying the universe.

The Total Perspective Vortex gives a person a complete glimpse of the whole universe almost instantaneously. It compares the incredibly small size of the person to the enormous size of the universe. It shows him the size of the "entire unimaginable infinity of creation" along with a tiny little marker that says, "You are here."

When the inventor connected his wife to the Total Perspective Vortex, she saw, in an instant, the whole infinity of creation and herself in relation to it. The shock of this discovery totally annihilated her brain. Although this psychotic break was totally unexpected and undesired, it did stop her from nagging.

"The Restaurant at the End of Universe" - Douglas Adams

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