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Why Modern Makers Are Bringing Back Ham Radio

According to FCC records, there are now roughly 800,000 ham radio operators in the United States — more than ever before. And this latest generation of enthusiasts is doing things with ham radio that their forebears could never have imagined.

Why Modern Makers Are Bringing Back Ham Radio

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Some of today’s hams are in it for the original reason: to talk to people around the world via shortwave radio. But many get involved so they can incorporate wireless capabilities into their projects.

One reason is that an FCC license allows you to build and legally operate your own high-powered wireless equipment. Ham radio operators are allowed to design, build, test, and operate wireless projects across a vast range of frequencies. They are able to, among other things, hack together Wi-Fi routers that can operate over longer distances and use more power than standard, commercial Wi-Fi.

Adding amateur radio technology to their projects opens up whole new vistas for today’s DIYers. “It blows me away what can be done, and for cheap,” says maker-blogger Rich Holoch, who experiments with microcontrollers and projects based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices. “It opens up the whole matrix of what you can do.”

Given the ability to podcast is so easy, it's amazing so many people would rather Ham. 

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