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World's scariest school run? Chinese children tackle 800-metre cliff...

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There are 17 vine ladders on the 800-metre-high way home, but the most dangerous part is a path on the cliff without a vine ladder. Photograph: Feature China/Barcroft Images

Why would they do this to children???

By the way, I've noticed you never use the same Stash name twice, Marlene. :)

Variety is the spice of life.... ;)

Heh. That's true. But as an organizing principle it makes it hard to find things again. 

"... an organizing principle..." means more than one, right? Believe me, Adam, my mind works in mysterious ways (at least to most people). (to a functioning, but exhausting, degree)

Heh. No wonder you want me to get around to fixing search. :)

Oh,no. As you've probably noticed, I love tapping buttons and experimenting. I've got ways to find what I need, and your suggestion the other day helped even more. Thank you!

You are very welcome! Experiment away! :)

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