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Mars has just exited an extreme ice age. At its peak 370,000 years ago, Mars looked more white than red.

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Imagine seeing Mars as a white planet.

Using cameras and a radar-pinging device on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Smith's team deduced this history by dating the miles-deep layers of snow and ice packed onto the Red Planet's northern pole. They found that only a mere 370,000 years ago, "Mars would have actually looked more white than red," says Smith. The Mars research is outlined today in the journal Science

What happened to the water? From the original research in Science:

~87,000 cubic kilometers of ice have accumulated at the poles since the end of the last ice age ~370,000 years ago

So it's still there, just collected at the poles.

I'm sure the exhaust from the Mars rover caused all that retroactive climate change.....


Amazing that all that water is still there. 

No wonder some people want to nuke Mars' poles to release it all. 

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