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RIP Muhammad Ali: the 20 best moments that made him The Greatest

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Most of us are lucky to have one great moment.


we were rushing to a plane in an airport. I really wanted to make theflight and get home. As we’re rushing, a small older woman stood in frontof us with one of those throwaway cameras, and he stopped and he posed. Shetook the picture. I grabbed his arm—come on, come on, let’s go. “Wait,” hesaid. “She had the lens cap on.”He reached over and very delicately took off the lens cap and posed again,took the picture.

He said, “She would have felt bad the rest of her lifethat she didn’t get that picture.” I said, “Yeah but we’re going to missthe plane.” He said, “We’re not going to miss the plane. They’ve got towait for me.” And they did. Then we got to the plane and he said, “Sit byme, Bob.” And I said, “Well, I can’t. I have an economy-class ticket. Youhave a first-class ticket.” He said, “Sit by me. I’m the champ. They’ll letyou sit there.” And they did.

In some strange sort of way, I keep thinking about that. This enormous kindness, this incredible narcissism, and also this sense of who he was and what other people thought of him. It’s a very small moment but it meant alot to me.

Muhammad Ali on Vietnam:

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