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Chile is generating so much solar energy that it's giving it away for free.

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We've reached a tipping point where solar energy really can power the world.

Chile is just the latest example.


How do negative prices actually work? Couldn't you just shortcut the excesses (heat up a resistor or something) to get rid of it for free, instead of paying someone to take it off your hands?

(I can understand how electricity prices can go to zero. I just don't understand negative prices.)

This happens all the time for Ontario's nuclear plants. The Old CANDU reactors that we're running can't really scale up and down very well, and a shutdown means being shutdown for days. So, instead of shutting down the plant for an hour of low demand, they'll drive the spot price negative for an hour or two, encouraging industry to take advantage of abnormally low rates to perform energy intensive processes, or encourage neighboring grids to take the excess power. In our case, we pay the State of New York to take the power, typically

Thanks for singling that out. Today I learned that too.

Do you think we could get to a future where energy costs are nothing?

Sure seems like we are headed that way. 

Sure does, and with positive environmental impact.

Cool. I wonder how we get there in America faster. 

We attack with severe prejudice the politically motivated campaign of misinformation.  No more Ms. Nice Guy!

Ooh Geege I like you like this!

The future of the world is at stake!

Hillary and Bernie are very much into subsidizing clean energy. 

Not sure about Trump.

Trump wants to make America coal again.


Coal?? Is he living in the 1800s??? Geez. 

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