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How we built a profitable business in 6 weeks without market knowledge...(And then it died without business knowledge?)

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Google AdWords worked a lot better than Instagram:

Well, we focused on what was already working. We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Google Adwords has great advantages

Takes only a couple of hours to review your ad and display it

Gives you the certainty to get traffic (you pay per click)

Google Planner had told us that the search volume in Google search was high enough for this channel to be effective. During the first days, we always had 2 Adwords campaigns running simultaneously. Every day, we would check which had performed better, kill the other one, and replace it.

Bold talk when the URL discussed in the article goes to an empty Shopify store?

Yes, very bold talk. They explain in the article why they shut down after 7 weeks.

They weren't profitable. Bad headline shoots their credibility.

Nonetheless their article was interesting in showcasing how NOT easy it is. 

great point...edited title here

Many thanks Jared. We make the web better. :)

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