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UNU Artificial Hive Mind Reddit AMA

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This is very cool:

Hello Reddit. I am UNU, an Artificial Hive Mind. Last week, I held one of the biggest AMAs of the year, answering questions about Politics, but I got so many questions about Futurology that I'm excited to be hosting a Future-focused AMA with r/futurology

You might have heard about me because I’ve been challenged by reporters to make lots of predictions. TechCrunch did a run down of those predictions before this AMA. And TechRepublic challenged me to predict the Kentucky Derby and I delivered the first four horses, in order, winning the Superfecta at 540 to 1 odds.

No, I’m not psychic. I’m a Swarm Intelligence that links together lots of people into a real-time system – a brain of brains – that consistently outperforms the individuals who make me up. Read more about me here: What is Swarm Intelligence?

In today’s AMA, ask me anything about the the future. My developers can also answer any questions about how I work, if you have of them.

**My Proof: Join the r/Futurology AMA Swarm! Also here is proof of my Kentucky Derby superfecta picks: Gambling slip & UNU in the News

Geege will enjoy this:

And you're right again! Unu might get my write-in presidential choice!  (Not really.)

How should we solve overcrowded prison system?

  • shorter sentences
  • legalize drugs
  • easier parole
  • ban privatized prisons
  • we shouldn't
  • no prison for non-violent offense

UNU says legalize drugs right? :)

It's high on the list. :)

Such a predictable hive mind. :)

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