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Do you keep background apps running on your mobile phone?

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I am a Highlight fan, I love the product. But, I recently stopped when starting my iPhone 5 because I want to train the battery. That said, I'm waiting for Highlight to make some updates before I go back. But, I'm in the minority. It's really hard for background apps to get adoption, and Highlight had all the mojo compared to others. Will this ever reach mass market? Or, will it be the case only when it's the default setting in the mobile OS?

Only when it's the default setting in the mobile OS.

And that won't happen until batteries get a LOT better.

Yeah. How long do you give it? And, will privacy watchdogs let this happen as a default? My feeling is the only way consumers will accept background/location tracking as default is when they get a free phone or service, etc. Otherwise, it will be hard to overcome.

You can already get a free iPhone 4 with a two year plan.

I'm guessing more free phones are on their way.

As for better batteries, new breakthroughs will come this decade:

Ah, so I meant free where the supplier subsidizes the entire thing. For instance, I wouldn't be surprised to see Amazon do this because they want you to treat their devices like a Costco terminal. "Want a free device? Location is always on." Default.

Amazon and Google are both pushing toward a world in which they give people free devices.


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