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Google age-discrimination lawsuit could grow...

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Washington D.C.-based law firm Kotchen & Low is representing Fillekes in the case. “We think that there are a whole host of folks who are qualified and did not receive a position at Google because of their age,” Daniel Kotchen, a partner at the law firm, told

Citing data from compensation research specialist Payscale, Heath’s lawsuit claims that in 2013 the median age for a Google employee was 29.

The median age for a computer programmer in the U.S. is 43, according to 2015 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labo

Bad Google!

<shrug>  A friend, who is around 50 yo and out of work for almost a year,  was sharing with me her ideas on how best to help "mature" people with job placements (in startups).  I had to tell her - look, they (20-somethings) just do not want to work with you.  Period, end of story.  Just like your 20-something kids probably do not want to hang out with you. Even if diversity policies will make them hire you, you are not going to be happy there. So it is better to find a company which is not run by 20-somethings.

Kind of curious, what is going to happen 10 years later...

You gave your friend good advice. I hope she finds a good job. 

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