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Start-Ups: Silicon Valley Season 1 - Geeks are Definitely the New Rock Stars - Video - Bravo TV Official Site

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Looks entertaining.

Know anyone who has seen this?

Nope. It seems the show debuts Nov. 5, and from what I gather, it's tightly under wraps until then. I think some SV folks are overreacting; as I said on a previous thread, for the Americans who tune in, it'll be an entertaining show a la "breaking Amish","long island medium," or "real housewives of New Jersey"; I don't think many will mistake this small sample as a representation of a whole class of workers.

Are there any previews online at all?

That link had a 2 minute preview. Tried to get the video, but don't think the bookmarklet could schlep it.

Thanks. Watched it. It looks awful.

They strike me as a bunch of boring narcissists actually.

LOL. I'm sure they are just regular folks who producers will cut and edit to make seem more drama-filled then they are...

But then there's this and this: ... Are you not entertained?

But as far as TV goes it could be mildly entertaining to folks outside SV in the same way the social network was.

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