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The High Priests of Marijuana Fitness

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According to McAlpine, cannabis helps athletes in two distinct ways. The first is easy to understand: Marijuana is a painkiller that doctors increasingly recognize as a good alternative to opioids like vicodin. For serious athletes, cannabis offers relief from soreness and bruises. 

The second is less intuitive: McAlpine recommends using cannabis to stay focused during a workout, like he did by taking bong hits mid-workout. (To be healthier, he now eats edibles rather than smokes.) “Cannabis really activates my mind in a way where I become focused and engaged in the athletic activity,” says McAlpine. “If I wasn’t using cannabis, I’d be like, ‘This is boring. Let’s turn it in and do something else.’” In reference to people who can’t imagine being active when they smoke marijuana, McAlpine says they probably don’t know the right amount of cannabis to take to feel active rather than lazy.

Bong hits MID workout?! I've never heard of that before. :)


It must work for them or they'd stop, right?

Or at least it's their perception that it works for them.  It's all good, brah!  :)

It's not good if they could be working out better. 


I put the work in workouts! :)


Lol, I'm no bro. :)

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