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How much do cats actually kill?

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Sad news for anyone involved in bird preservation, because cats are causing bucketloads of damage.

As a pet owner, this is distressing, because we rarely pause to consider the environmental damage our pets do on our planet.

Possible solutions?

1. Don't let your cat roam freely in the outdoors. Dogs don't get to run willy nilly as they please, and as a domesticated animal residing with humans, cats can expect equal treatment. For their safety as well, how many indoor/outdoor cats go missing each year because they get hit by cars and/or attacked by other wild critters?

2. Add a bell to your cat's collar if you insist on letting it outdoors. It'll give warning to small creatures it may be deciding to attack.

Those are both good ideas, Liz.

Keeping a cat indoors usually extends its life, too.

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