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The Real Value of $100 in Every State

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$100 is not the same everywhere.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has been measuring this phenomenon for two years now; it recently published its data for prices in 2014.

The Reddit comments point out that metropolitan areas might be more meaningful than states.

Not gonna lie, the HIGHEST tax rates seem to be correlated with the most economic action. Suck it, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Mississippi! Mama Halibut says that people naturally will pay to live in a certain area even if it doesn't seem "rational" to outsiders... especially immigrants!

For the most part that seems true though there are exceptions like Texas. 

The state-wise comparison definitely underestimates expensive metros in the middle of giant states, like the Bay Area and Seattle, compared to cities that have a disproportionate number of the whole state's population like DC or Hawaii:

Thanks for that. Confirmed my instinct. 

Families who can afford median home in

SF 13%

Oakland area 20%

Bay Area 23%

LA 30%

CA house 31%

CA condo 40%

US 57%

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