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Instead of Pokémon, Try Using Your Smartphone To Catch Tasty Wild Edibles

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There is wild food free for the taking all over the place, even in the inner city, but if you need some help there are apps that can help you zero in on the good stuff.

Everything from cherries to ginkgos to chanterelles!

Phillips’s map includes 1,720 different types of edibles distributed over 1 million locations, aspiring to be the most comprehensive map of its kind. Falling Fruit is open for any forager to add their own public orchards, food forests, city trees, and farmers’ open fields. Simply type in your address, zoom in on your city, filter by edible type, and you’ll find everything from cherries to gingko to chanterelles.


Meanwhile, at Berkeley Open Source Food (BOSF), statistician Philip B. Stark of the University of Berkeley, along with integrative biologist Tom Carlson and nutritionist Kristen K. Rasmussen, are mapping wild edibles in three East Bay, California, food deserts (Richmond, Berkeley, and West Oakland). The foragers have found abundant fresh wild greens in economically challenged neighborhoods, including chickweed, dandelion, fennel, mallow, nasturtium, wild lettuce, wild onion, and wild radish, along with grapefruits, wild strawberries, apples, and lettuce, and common culinary herbs like mint, rosemary and sage. Soil in the area is being tested for toxicity by the group.

It's about reducing waste:

A variety of global interactive maps and apps have popped up in recent years, all geared toward turning us into successful foragers overnight in an attempt to reduce our astonishing food waste. In the United States alone, 40 percent of food goes to waste, adding up to over twenty pounds of food per person per month.

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