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Giant Pandas, Symbol of Conservation, Are No Longer Endangered

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You're still vulnerable, so be careful out there! 

This belongs in your endangered stash too.

Why are pandas still vulnerable?

Although the population is currently increasing, climate change is predicted to eliminate more than 35 percent of the Panda’s bamboo habitat in the next 80 years, and thus the Panda population is projected to decline,” according to the report. “The threat of declining bamboo availability due to climate change could, in the near future, reverse the gains made during the last two decades.”

Well then we need to figure out how to help bamboo plants thrive in the new climate. 

Ooo, I had to get in this photo — same subject; from the NYT Evening Briefing, via email.


Adorable!! Glad you stashed it!

Me too! I love that photo!!

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