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Nikhil Goyal Interview: A High School Student Offers a Critique of Our Schools - Living in Dialogue - Education Week Teacher

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Nikhil is brilliant. Excited to talk to him tomorrow.

"Nikhil: I certainly believe that the notion that students need more education is wrongheaded on many levels, as noted in that projection. The number of low-skill jobs in the United States will be cut increasingly as more of them get outsourced, taken over by robots and machines, and go obsolete. Take the American Dream. The Old American Dream that animated our parents, gold miners, and settlers is now extinct. The middle jobs market is being carved out. Average is over. If you are in job where your employer spoon-feeds you exactly what to do, he or she will find someone cheaper and more efficient than you to finish the task. Plain and simple. What separates the norm from the best is creativity, grit, passion, and drive. You can't "make it big"

in this new world without those characteristics. This isn't 1920. We needed more standardized people back then to man the conveyor belts and equipment. Today, however, this country is craving for dreamers, problem solvers, trailblazers, and people who "see things differently.""

Also he laces a critique of Khan Academy in there.

What do you think?

One size does not fit all.

What makes it hard is matching the educational style to the person.

Yet, seemingly the discussion always defaults into a one-size-fits-all conversation I think you're right; possibilities, opportunities, and diversity is the key..

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