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You're thinking about startup work-life balance all wrong - Hippoland: adventures abound!

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"So, going back to the startup work-life balance issue. On one hand, you have this article which talks about Elon Musk taking one vacation in the past four years — as if that’s an unbalanced bad thing. But, frankly, it sounds to me like he doesn’t need vacation very often. Then, that IS BALANCE to him! On the other hand, Ryan Carson often describes his 4-day week, and that’s balance to him. And yet, both Musk and Carson are manning fast-moving ships. So, balance isn’t something you can quantify as a set amount of time."

How many average non-entrepreneurs take (or can afford) "vacations" . I think it has generally been over-documented that the AMERICAN worker works longer and harder than any other "developed" country counterpart.

For some reason Silicon Valley (or in this case LV) entrepreneurs seem to think that this is unique and beholden to them and them alone.

Even when an American worker has vacation days and are not simply wage-payroll without benefits, many times those days are used for family events, sicknesses, errands, chores and the like. From the article referenced, the author mentions that Elon often pals around with Hollywood elite and throws parties and the like -- that indicates non-work activity, even if it's not a "vacation."

Balance has a very specific definition. Some people don't pursue balance, and the ones who succeed are lauded for it. The rest simply can't afford it and pursue a lack of balance to make ends meet.

I think this topic alone shows the elitism of entrepreneurs, and perhaps how out of touch with reality they are.

You're right about that. This article feels so inauthentic.

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