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Miserable, Disobedient & Victorious: Gen. Milley’s Future US Soldier « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and comment

Miserable Disobedient & Victorious Gen Milley s Future US Soldier Breaking Defense Defense industry news analysis and commentary


WASHINGTON: “On the future battlefield, if you stay in one place longer than two or three hours, you will be dead,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley says. “That obviously places demands on human endurance.”

With units in constant motion far from friendly forces, “being surrounded will become the norm,” continues Milley. There will no clear front line, no secure supply lines, no big bases like Bagram or Camp Victory with chow halls, air-conditioning, and showers. With enemy drones and sensors constantly on the hunt for targets, there won’t even be time for four hours’ unbroken sleep. So, says Milley, “being seriously miserable every single minute of every day will have to become a way of life.”

Milley has warned before that “we are on the cusp of a fundamental change in the characterof ground warfare,.” (The nature of war remains eternally brutal and chaotic). But yesterday at the Association of the US Army’s annual Eisenhower Luncheon, the notoriously blunt general laid out his vision of future combat in more and grimmer detail than I’d ever heard — detail that suggests he’s informed by an intensifying program of secret wargames.

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It does sound miserable. 

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