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Walmart strikes spread to more states -

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This won't end well for somebody...

"“A lot of associates, we have to use somewhat of a buddy system,” Dallas worker Colby Harris said last night. “We loan each other money during non-paycheck weeks just to make it through to the next week when we get paid. Because we don’t have enough money after paying bills to even eat lunch.” Harris, who’s now on strike, said that after three years at Walmart, he makes $8.90 an hour in the produce department, and workers at his store have faced “constant retaliation” for speaking up."

Do you think there's any chance it won't end well for Walmart?

No. Too many people w/o jobs; a bad economy is the worst time to strike for theoretically unskilled labor. I'm not saying I disagree with them, I'm saying I don't think it'll end well for them; but perhaps it ends well for neither.

How many people in Florida or Ohio or Iowa or Nevada or California would take work for $8.90 /hour -- especially if they could find another non-benefit job at $8.90/hr?


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