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South Koreans, Seeking New Zest for Life, Experience Their Own Funerals

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The Hyowon Healing Center in Seoul runs one such program, with financial backing from a funeral service company. After an instructional lecture and video, participants are led into a dimly lit hall decorated with chrysanthemums, where they sit, often tearfully, beside caskets and write their last testaments. Then they put on burial shrouds and lie down in the coffins.

A grim-looking man dressed in a black robe, “the Envoy from the Other World,” hammers the lids closed. The participants are left encased in utter darkness for 10 minutes — which can feel like an eternity. [my emphasis]

Woah. I would not want to try this. Makes me claustrophobic just looking at the pic. 

"It’s become a trend in recent years to act out a mock funeral service as a way of better appreciating life."

"Jeong Yong-mun, the director of the Hyowon program, said 15,000 people had gone through mock funerals at the center since 2012. The program is free.

Some participants had terminal illnesses and wanted help preparing for the end; others had suicidal impulses that they wanted to dispel. Businesses send employees as part of a motivational program."

A drive-thru car wash is enough for me.

What would be the purpose of business-supported motivational programs? 

Lol, a drive through car wash is fun.

Business supported motivational programs motivate us to do business better. :)

And businesses think that their employees 'seeking a new zest for life' will put that zest into work? "Oh good, now I want to spend more time at the office." Forget more time with family.

Good work is part (but not all) of a good life. 

People who go through this program end up leaving feeling refreshed.

So maybe it's not as anxiety inducing as it looks. 

I'll take their word for it....

Yes, me too. I'd rather get refreshed with a massage. :)