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capcloud | Martin Polley β€” Time to Dump Wireframes

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So basically, even designers have to write HTML, CSS, and JS now?

Even if you’re using a more sophisticated prototyping tool, you’re still not doing yourself any favors, because these tools don’t allow your designs to adapt to the multitude of different screen sizes that are out there.

Many of the most respected people in our industry have been voicing the opinion for some time now that designers need to be able to code and that prototyping in HTML, CSS, and Javascript is a Good Thing.

We have a name for a designer that can write in HTML, CSS, and JS.

We call her or him a developer. :)

Interesting piece. In general, it's becoming harder to have any role (marketing, bizdev, whatever...) without knowing some HTML, CSS, JS.

JJ, that's true. No matter what the folks who maintain the iOS and Android platforms say!

HTML, CSS, and JS are skills any professional can use. (So is ability to write sentences!)

And you can practice your HTML markup skills here on PandaWhale by clicking "See Allowed Markup" below any comment. :)

i've been coding mostly business logic and backend code (black box coding) for almost 20 years. now, with my startup, i am adding in JS & HTML5 and navigating CSS (holy mother of god, i hate CSS). i've become a huge fan of zurb foundation's open source stuff because it's responsive and works on all platforms - WITH ONE CODE BASELINE!! my hope is that they will be able to totally disrupt the app store monopolies because it is an extra cost burden to have to maintain and grow 3 separate code baselines.

not sure i agree with the death to wireframes concept, though. ideally, wireframe toolboxes would auto generate the HTML 5 and CSS (no JS needed) for the mockup. because, like most developers, i can spend way too much time trying to perfect code which takes time away from getting the concept developed right FIRST. for me, wireframes are a way to share napkin drawings when i don't have everyone sitting around a whiteboard with the laptops and favorite IDE up and running.

Wireframes as shared whiteboard makes sense, Christine.

One code base is a wonderful thing.

Some may read the headline and think, "and go straight to photoshop mockups?!?"

Whereas I think the context for "dump wireframes" is that you've *already* dumped photoshop mockups.

The design process I'm familiar with only photoshops after wire frames are agreed on.

And yes, this approach says ditch them both and go straight to HTML5.

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