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At 0:36 is a priceless reaction to a simple gift for the homeless. It shows how much it meant to him.

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Reddit comment:

Seeing the guy with the coat get so excited over something most of us don't even think about made me emotional.

Thank you for stashing, Adam. Things like this can be so simple — a few cans of food and an inexpensive can opener in a paper gift bag. Really, how difficult to have a few kept in the car, ready?

Not difficult at all. We just have to care enough to do it. 

Inexpensive can openers like the small butterfly, with good food, all in bags, ready to go... from Panda's Pantry! (A pantry can also hold a big heart!) :)

I like pantries with big hearts. :)

I was not familiar with the small butterfly until you mentioned it. 

Places like the Dollar Store and drug stores sell them (Dollar Store has big packages of inexpensive bags, too).


That's a great idea, Marlene.