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Wait But Why on the 2016 Election: "It’s Going to Be Okay"

"A lot of people in this country feel like this right now:"

It's Going to Be Okay - Wait But Why


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This article is well spoken and worth reading.

I really have no idea what to expect from here.

Obama just said "Ultimately we're all still on the same team."

There are two parts to Trump: 1) the hateful, narcissistic man β€” which we can intentionally avoid thinking about and, 2) the policies he promotes (and some could actually be very decent) which, unlike his personality, will affect us. These policies must go through rigorous scrutiny from many different prospectives before they can be enacted. This takes time, and added to it, now with social media, the wool can't easily be pulled over our eyes.Β 

Immediately last night after Trump won, dedicated political, religious, and purposely non-sectarian organizations banded together with the rigorous intention of keeping the USA and our Constitution intact. And as citizens, we will.

Gosh I hope so.Β 

but zuck denies that impact...odd

ESPECIALLY since he claims that Facebook ads have a lot of impact.Β 

yep. his post on facebook is not good.Β 

"but I believe we must be extremely cautious about becoming arbiters of truth ourselves." ...the power of search and feeds and advertising

You're so right Jared:

Sergei's response is right on:

Mark Zuckerberg, it's not just fake news. It's paid and automated trolls posting and sharing premade memes and commenting pre-written slogans. The freedom of speech was suppressed by creating so much noise, that the real voices were not heard.

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