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Fusion Energy Explained – Future or Failure, by Kurzgesagt

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Reddit comment:

This missed an important point about tritium, it can be created form the interaction of lithium with the high energy neutrons given off by in fusion reactions. Tritium can then be fed back in to the process, making magnetic confinement reactors tritium neutral.

ITER is a massive waste of time and resources. It's already obsolete.

It's already old tech. At least a generation behind on superconductor types, performance, and field strength. We could build a reactor today with it's only limit being structural strength; we can build new REBCO coils strong enough to contain plasma at pressures that become difficult to contain physically. MIT has the design ready, but we're dumping 10x the cost and 5x the time into a design from last century (ITER) that is nothing more than an experiment.