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Delivery drones will mean the end of ownership. Here is an interview with Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots.

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On robots and AI taking jobs:

Technology has been displacing and creating jobs since there was technology. The lever, one of the first technologies that was ever created, allows one person to lift up something that before would have taken many people to lift up. That caused some people, from a narrow perspective, to lose their jobs.

It turns out that that hasn’t actually caused people to lose their jobs because people spend their time making levers and because it turned out that instead of one person moving the boulder that used to cost you 10 people… you would use that one person to move that one boulder [and] you have nine other people moving their own boulders. You now move 10 times as many boulders.

In other words, artificial intelligence is likely to cause some jobs to go away and is going to create a ton of new opportunity. In order to believe that all jobs are going to go away, which is a rather extreme view, but certainly one that some people are saying, I think you would have to believe that there’s an end to the problems in the world. That the problems are going to get all used up, taken up. That artificial intelligence will be so good we will run out of problems. I don’t believe that that’s going to happen.

It is a failure of imagination on our collective parts that we can’t see how, when robots take [over] some of what we’re currently doing, it won’t just level us up to the next level.

No one will even own the drones because it will be the end of dronership.

In all seriousness, he probably means people will rent things more often, using software agents, not that things will stop being owned?

Yes, that's what he means. He could have been clearer about that.