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Jay Leno on why Americans should root for Tesla

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You don't have to root for Tesla as-in buy Tesla cars. You can be a big help help by supporting politics that benefit that sort of enterprise.

Tesla is a smart company. Elon Musk is smart. He knows that in the beginning things are expensive, and that costs go down as the company gets bigger, and can mass produce on greater scales.

He also knows that R&D costs a lot. So, he purposefully designs his products to cater to the wealthy. They will pay the premium cost to have these products, because they are nice, luxurious, and environmentally responsible.

Eventually he will also make products that are more affordable for everyone else. When business lets him do that.

The model 3 is a great example of that.

He can't just all of a sudden design an entire fleet of vehicles for every range. He has been releasing models as he can in an order he finds is the best strategy to growing his company. So, my advice is hang in there, support them, and eventually they will make something for you, I believe.

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