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Reddit CEO Steve Huffman aka spez Caught Secretly Editing User Comments, Chatlogs Leaked

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Not good. 

Has he announced his resignation yet?  That would be the only permissible response here.

I thought about deleting my account, but I had already made the decision not to participate in any political subreddits there, after evidence that Reddit allows/commits propagandistic interference of their site arose.

I know that the admin of the Go language form said he will delete his account and has proposed deletion of the subredit over this. 

He's not going to resign:

He says he wanted to give bullies a taste of their medicine but I fail to see how he did that. 

He has just established objectively that he is untrustworthy, it's not really a tenable position for someone in his role.  His plan was obviously not to get caught. 

If that was his plan, it was a bad one.

Yeah, I wonder what happens next.

The Reddit mod that leaked what spez did sounds like he didn't like being put in that position:

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