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Why I'm Deleting My Reddit Account If Huffman Stays

To me supporting rights is *only* important when it applies to people you disagree with.  People don't deny rights to those they agree with.

Steve Huffman

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Not as many comments as I would have thought.

Is there more discussion elsewhere?

My plan hasn't changed (leaving 1/1 if Huffman remains).  But I decided this was a pointless thread and I deleted it on Reddit.  This has just been very upsetting to me and the lack of a fuss being made by Reddit insiders bothers me even more.  This is not the way to solve Reddit's increasingly visible problems.  I didn't feel like there was a sincere dialog taking place about the issue I raised... guess it is not surprising that no one wants to step forward with a justification of Huffman's actions, but the reluctance to criticize cannot bode well for Reddit.  A few may leave, but I think many will not join, over this. 

The Trump people had a response in their forum but and I thought it was fairly bizarre.  Something about giving me a coat.  And that they're not racists.  Of course *they* don't want to leave, as I think it'd be exactly what Reddit wants?   Lol.

Seeing as how I've deleted the main link on reddit, you certainly have my permission to delete this post.  I'm not trying to cause a stir on PandaWhale or anything.  But you had better not edit my posts ;)

I'd rather leave this here if you're okay with it.

And yes, I'm surprised there isn't more outrage than this:

It's a big violation of trust.

I won't edit your comments ever but I occasionally improve a title so a page is easier to find.

It's fine.  I feel silly about the whole thing because I know that I am personally better off not getting sucked into stuff like this.

Of course the conservatives are angry, and the papers will always run a scandal.  I just think when the rules are changed for anyone an official considers subhuman, it's a a bad situation.  This is something to be alarmed about whether or not one take a particular position on political issue x or y.  It is so easy to rely on these services without realizing what one is giving up.

Yes, in fact I don't think most people understand trade offs and opportunity costs.

You're right that it's better to not get sucked into it. Not worth your time and energy. 

I wonder if we are the only ones on the web talking about this...

But not like this. Consider Facebook, and imagine if Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the text in a user's post, even if that user was spewing lies about a pizzeria sex den. The words wouldn't matter—there'd still be an outrage. There's a major difference between banning a topic (or even deleting a comment outright) and changing someone's words.

The latter is a violation of user trust that doesn't just open a can of worms: It nukes one. What we write online in 2016 is intrinsically linked to our identities, and it might be for all time. 

 Which isn't to say that we can't sympathize with Huffman's frustration. #Pizzagate is disgusting, as are so many threads on /r/the_donald. And the emergence of "fake news" as a major problem in online media has left journalists, academics and news consumers at wit's end. 

"At a moment of exhaustion for virtually everyone who thinks that truthfulness matters, who worry about facts being trumped by lies, distortions, allegations, denials, and who worry about the level of violent threats being expressed through social media under the cloak of anonymity, I'm not too put out that [Huffman] let down his guard and reacted to the anonymous hate-filled crap directed at him," Brett Gary, a censorship and propaganda expert who teaches at New York University, told Mashable Tuesday.

"Is the Reddit CEO going to have to face a backlash? Probably," Prof. Gary said. But, he continued, "is this a crisis for free speech, given the larger crisis of truthfulness we're in? I don't think so."

So far the backlash against Reddit has been minimal, it seems. 

The bigger thing Reddit seems to be dealing with is that a community seems to be spreading its culture throughout Reddit, and it's hard for Reddit to stop that.

The backlash against everything outrageous seems to be minimal.  We're overwhelmed with bad acts by bad actors.

I think that's right Geege. It's hard to backlash against many things at once.

By having many things, they divide the backlashers. 

Ever read the article about the identity database?

We were divided and conquered.  :(

So now we must stand up to power. 

Reddit updated its permissions so employees cannot modify comments:

But Reddit will never get rid of its troll problem. 

Because there's no way to do so without clamping down on free speech. 

Reddit is now the #7 website in the US:

Bumping Twitter down to #8.

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