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Where the United States of America is becoming more diverse...

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They use a bad color scheme because it's hard to see the not-diverse areas in dark green.

Easier to see when they break it out in the article. 

Another interesting link in this article:

[ Donald Trump lost most of the American economy in this election]

How people react to changing diversity

Before and since the election, diversity has been at the heart of issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, resistance to political correctness, the “Hamilton” cast’s message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence and attitudes about immigration.

Perceptions of “other” people lead not only to misunderstandings, experts said, but also to hostility.   Some of it is simple psychology. People know their own lives are complex and have many explanations for what they do, said Patrick R. Grzanka, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee who studies social inequality. But people then reduce “outside groups” to a cardboard caricature – and a negative one at that.

[ Urban and rural America are becoming increasingly polarized]

For instance, residents in a multiethnic urban society can think that they live in a cooperative community of people coming together but disparage rural areas as backward. Meanwhile, people in rural communities prize their tight relationships but describe cities as crime-ridden and harsh. Both sides are shocked at the generalizations used by the other side. 

In the wake of the election, Grzanka said, the depth of misunderstanding creates “a profoundly important moment. It is really dangerous.” To cross the barrier, he said, people must say “I need to learn why their version of America is so terrifying to me. … If you hate NAFTA and I love NAFTA, we’ve got to be able to talk about this stuff and not just characterize each other as ridiculous human beings.”

Diversity also makes the country more dynamic and bolsters the workforce, benefits highlighted by demographer William Frey, a research professor at the University of Michigan and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Frey recently published “ Diversity Explosion:  How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America.” If you only look at the country’s white population, Frey said, it would look like Japan, with an aging population and too few young workers to grow the economy.

[ Residents in most diverse areas say their neighborhoods are better than others]

He said it’s important to see the diversity question in terms of age. Forty-seven states and 90 percent of the counties have an absolute decline in white population under age 20. All net growth of children in this country is coming from racial and ethnic minorities.

“If we’re going to have a productive economy in the future, new young people with new ideas energizing the labor force — taxpayers supporting the Social Security Trust Fund and Medicare for retirees — it’s in our best interest if this younger generation is treated well and welcomed with open arms into the labor force,” Frey said.

Definitely true of my home State of Maine... there was very little diversity when I first moved here, but there has been a big relative change for the better.

I guess the point of the map is that it's happening everywhere.

Because the dark greens are actually few and far between.

Overall this is great for America but it will not be a smooth transition.

I wonder if we'll look back at the election of 2016 as whiplash reaction to a changing America. 

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