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4 Easy Tricks That Will Make You Productive: Proven Secrets From Robert Cialdini

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Here’s how Robert Cialdini says you can trick yourself into being more productive:

  • Use the “Zeignarik effect”: To make sure you don’t procrastinate tomorrow, don’t give yourself closure today. If you stop mid-sentence you’ll…
  • If, When, Then: Program yourself like a computer. For instance, “If I see an opportunity for a lame joke related to psychology, then I will type it.”
  • Sticky notes make you gritty: You don’t need to punish your walls with bad art. Just write “ACHIEVE” on a post-it note.
  • Remind yourself of your commitments: And if you don’t have one, make one. Wanting to be a great grandpa creates great books.

Avoiding procrastination and being productive isn’t always easy. Sometimes toughing it out with willpower doesn’t work.

But that’s okay. Anything that you know will get you going is fair game. Give some of Bob’s tips a shot. You may need to trick yourself, fool yourself or persuade yourself in order to get those tough tasks finished.

As screenwriter Terry Rossio once said, “My lousy way of getting it done is better than your great way of not doing it.”

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