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Healthcare spending grew 5.8% to $3.2 trillion in 2015 and was driven by expanding insurance coverage rather than increasing cost of care.

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Health spending in the U.S. picked up again in 2015, but the growth was driven largely by millions of Americans getting coverage through the Affordable Care Act, rather than price increases for care, according to a new government report that tracks the nation’s overall healthcare tab.

The 5.8% increase – which pushed total healthcare spending to $3.2 trillion last year – was the highest annual growth rate since before the Great Recession, which began in late 2007.

And it outpaced overall economic growth in 2015, making healthcare an even larger share of the U.S. economy.

Top Reddit comment:

France, ranked #1 healthcare in the world, spends $4,100 per capita per year.

If the US spends $3.2 trillion for 319 million people, that's over $10,000 per capita.

The US health system needs to be killed with fire.

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