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5 Powerful Rituals That Will Make You Resilient

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Here’s what Tim Wilson says can help you be more resilient:

  • Your conscious mind isn’t always accurate: And this leads to problems.
  • You will feel better: Because you don’t know yourself all that well, you’re terrible at predicting how you’ll feel in the future. Your storyteller exaggerates. Remember this.
  • You have a “psychological immune system”: You may feel lousy now but, with time, your mind will rewrite your story with a happier ending.
  • Help that storyteller out: You can accelerate emotional recovery by writing about your problems.
  • Actions speak louder than words: If you want to get to know yourself better so you can make smart decisions and avoid future problems, pay attention to your behavior, not your thoughts. But the truth can hurt.
  • Do good, be good: Your story will follow your actions.

You’re a bit of a mystery — even to yourself. Don’t worry; it keeps things interesting.

When times get tough and you don’t know how you’re going to stay resilient, remember not to trust the doom and gloom coming from that voice in your head. The voice is an overconfident storyteller who exaggerates, not the “truth.”

Your psychological immune system is slowly getting into gear. And some scribbling can help it along. You can get to know yourself better by watching your behavior. And if you act like the kind of person you want to be, you’ll start telling yourself an accurate and positive story about your life.

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