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Facebook Partners With Third-Party Fact Checkers To Rein In Fake News

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"First, articles on Facebook which are reported enough times by the community or flagged through other signals will now be examined by a group of third-party fact checking organizations in Poynter's International Fact Checking Network, as part of a new Facebook program. If the fact checkers determine the news is fake, the article will be labeled as "disputed" on Facebook with a explanation from the fact checking team. Facebook said users will still be able to share these stories, but will see a warning message that the story is "disputed" when they click to share it. Facebook will also rank "disputed" stories lower in news feed and will not allow "disputed "stories to be turned into ads and promoted. Facebook is also taking steps to diminish the financial incentives behind producing fake news. To help prevent spammers from masquerading as recognized news organizations, Facebook said it has eliminated the ability to spoof domains to reduce the number of sites that pretend to be real publications. Facebook said it will also review publisher sites to assess whether the content is clearly spam.

And on the user side, Facebook is testing new ways to make it easier for people to report fake news or hoaxes, which users can currently do by clicking the upper right hand corner of a post. To decrease the prominence of fake news in news feed, Facebook is also experimenting with a new ranking signal which gives stories that have been shared very infrequently after being read a low ranking. (Facebook found that if reading an article makes people much less likely to share it, it could signal that the article has misled readers in some way.)"

It took less than a month for Facebook to completely change its laissez faire policy.

"Identifying the truth is complicated." ~Mark Zuckerberg, November 13, 2016

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