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18 "Healthy Habits" to Give Up in 2017

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I wonder which ones Geege likes best.

Wellz, I love my morning whole egg on avocado toast. That's three: whole eggs, gluten, healthy fats.

Those are good. I didn't realize almond milk lacks nutrition. 

And I thought flossing is undeniably good. 

My dentist is in the flossing camp and she seems to know when I don't, so I'm keeping with the ritual.

Almond milk is cleverly marketed, yesh?  

Yesh. We should stick to skim milk or soy milk:

Though this says soy bad:

I'm so confused. 

It makes sense that flossing is good for us so I wonder why it has never been studied.

Flossing became controversial in 2016 after a report from the Associated Press found that the effectiveness of flossing had never been researched.

The US government has recommended flossing for nearly four decades. But according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a set of recommendations the agency sends out every five years, all of the recommendations have to be grounded in scientific evidence.

And flossing is, well, not.

In its report, published in August, the AP says it used the Freedom of Information Act to request evidence for the benefits of flossing from the Department of Health and Human Services. AP never received that evidence. Instead, it got a letter from the government acknowledging that the effectiveness of flossing had never been studied.

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