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Star Wars in One Chart, with apologies to Charles Joseph Minard and his visualization of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia

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538 explains:

With apologies to Charles Joseph Minard and his visualization of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, here is why you never invade Hoth in winter.

The Empire’s fatal strategy was particularly obvious at Yavin, when the first Death Star was destroyed — causing the deaths of approximately 2.4 million personnel, or the equivalent of 50 Star Destroyer crews — and at Endor, where the destruction of the second Death Star, a large portion of the Star Destroyer fleet and the Super Star Destroyer Executor led to the demise of an estimated 78 Star Destroyers worth of Imperial personnel (3.6 million personnel).

Troops and materiel weren’t the only deciding factor in the conflict. There was also the Force, and the events of Endor shifted the balance of that power toward the Jedi for the first time in the war’s history.


Star Wars, In One Chart | FiveThirtyEight

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