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Swipe right? Toilet paper for smartphones trialled in Japanese airport bathrooms...

Stashed in: Japan, Scatology, Internet of Things

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"In a new take on the meaning of public convenience, users are invited to pull off a piece of paper from a dispenser next to the regular toilet roll and give their phone screens a germ-busting polish."

"The introduction of the cleaning paper came in response to studies showing that smartphone screens typically house more germs than toilet seats. Surveys show that foreign visitors are universally impressed with the cleanliness and versatility of Japan’s public toilets."

"Toilets are serious business in Japan, where many public buildings are fitted with hi-tech washlets with heated seats and jets of warm water and air that the late restaurant critic AA Gill described as “strangely addictive”.

In some women’s public lavatories, users can call on assistance from the sound princess – a gadget that produces loud flushing sounds on demand to cover up any embarrassing noises associated with answering the call of nature."

So much thought being given to toilets! :)

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