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Woman Gets Called Out For Calling Obama A Communist; Can't Explain What A Communist Is

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"Just cause he was born here doesn't make him an american"

Yes, don't let any of those pesky facts or actual knowledge get in the way.

Yep, very typical way of thinking - "he does not think like us, he is not american".

That part of The Newsroom was the highlight of season one.

Best anti-RINO rant I've ever seen. Must find YouTube snippet...

Best show on TV not called Game of Thrones.

Being born here does make him an American. This is spelled out in the 14th amendment to the constitution. If the Tea Partiers really revered the constitution the way they purport to, they would support this.

I'm guessing most Tea Partiers would not be able to tell you what the 14th amendment is.

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