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'Some girls, they rape so easy,' says US politician Roger Rivard |

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His wording and verbiage is wrong, but he's 100% right. This is the dark side of our legal system.

Rape is wholly unreported.

Rape is a serious, serious issue.

I would and do, however, caution all my friends -- especially of they are athletes, and even more especially if they are black -- to seriously consider if they want to be having sex with girls/guys they don't know very, very, very well -- way past boyfriend/girlfriend stage.

The sad truth is, many men are falsely accused of rape; I've personally seen it destroy good men's careers, livelihoods, and reputations because of this.

What he said sounds incredibly wrong, but when you read his whole statement, I think he's absolutely correct.

We live in a justice system where an 18-year-old high school senior goes to prison for having sex with a high school freshman 14-year-old, and where an alleged rape victim's identity is NEVER revealed by press, meanwhile an alleged rape perpetrator has her or his name blasted over the media, instanteously destroying her or his credibility and reputation, most likely forever.

This is a very serious issue, but I believe his father's advice is absolutely correct.

The most credible reports I've seen are that false reports of rape are about 8%. Meanwhile, UNDERREPORTING of rape -- partly because of the likelihood of not being believed, because the circumstances are not "ideal" -- might be in the range of 60%. Here's a good article on the topic:

I must take issue with your idea that a man's reputation is destroyed forever if accused -- however falsely -- of rape. There are so many athletes who have had this happen to them, and in almost every case there is no criminal prosecution... it's almost become routine. Ben Roethlisberger is far more common an example than Mike Tyson.

Is Roethlisberger's reputation rehabilitated in your eyes?

It's not advice to my male friends to not report rapes, obviously; I support all friends -- male or female -- who report rape. Absolutely, 100%. I have many friends who've told me the horror stories of what has happened to them, and probably even more who are buried with shame unspeakable.

However, as a black male athlete, I must give caution to my fellow brethren -- especially those who are professionally athletes -- to avoid sexual contact with men/women who aren't their serious committed girlfriends/boyfriend -- there's just too much risk in our modern day society. As 85% of rapes include both alcohol and friends/acquaintances, it's better for them not to become a statistic.

For every Roethlisberger there are a dozen Austin Scotts that we never hear of because their reputations were completely tarnished and destroyed.

Still need to fix our Wikipedia links: Austin Scott

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