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No Filter: How Instagram Caused Hipstamatic To Lose Focus And Gamble On Social | Fast Company

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Life is stranger than fiction. #wolfpack

The “teams” that Buick describes can be divvied up into two groups: the new hires, composed mostly of the development team, and the members of the founding team, who call themselves the “Wolfpack,” a likely reference to the film The Hangover. The “Wolfpack” includes Buick, Dorshurst, Mario Estrada, and creative director Aravind Kaimal, most of whom were friends from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. The “Wolfpack” became a source of resentment for the new hires, who felt the clique created unnecessary splintering within the small startup. “It was not a well-loved term by nonmembers of this group because it felt divisive and, for some, just further evidence that there was an in- and out-crowd within the company,” says the former developer.

“I shit you not: They’d actually be like, ‘Wolfpack is going to lunch,’ or ‘Wolfpack just got back from Vegas,’” recalls Norrie. “It was like, good god.” Another source confirms that it was common for the founding team to say, "I want it to just be a Wolfpack thing this weekend.”


He says this because the gamble didn't work...

For a startup that prides itself on the originality and creativity of its users, Hipstamatic spent much of 2012 chasing many other companies’ ideas. "I can honestly say that there was a lot of talk about Instagram, Path, and social," Buick says of his company's internal discussions. "Ultimately, that’s what shifted our focus away from who we really are.”

I just enjoy the part where they call themselves wolfpack. That is hilariously sad, given how things turned out. You're right, if the gamble worked....

They seem better as an iOS / creative agency then a startup.

They really do. Quite sad the way the Wolfpack treated the rest of the company.

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