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"They [atheists] are trying to destroy our society & leave a they did on 9/11" - YouTube

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So there is a discussion if 9/11 museum should have massive christian cross in fron of it or not.

The pro cross guy stated: "It was part of the tradition of what happened that day.."

I can't agree more with him on this particular statement.

Sometime I wonder if Fox News is intentionally parodying itself.

FOX news mission is not really about promoting the agenda sponsored by the establishment and religious right.

They all about dividing the society and they are methodical in their fair and balanced approach. They can't let one side win. All they do is maintaining the virtual gladiators arena in people's minds, which makes people feel like they are constantly at war with the other side.

They happend to be more inclined towards religious right, but this just inspires other stations to push stronger from the other side.

Their real agenda is divide the society, put anger and fear in people minds and set the baseline anxiety level and the new normal.

This is true path to keep money coming towards military contractors, churches, big pharma, wall street, etc.

Uneducated, anxious and angry, people can be manipulated in any way needed.


Why is this not clearer to more people?

It seems so straightforward when you describe it this way.

The idea of struggle between good and evil is so deep inside the core believes of most of the people.

Most of the people are not ready to be unplugged...

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