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Stop Website pagination!

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This article discusses the annoying habit of websites to paginate pages.

Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed’s founder, echoed this sentiment. BuzzFeed publishes dozens of photo galleries daily, and lately it’s been getting into longform reporting, too. (See Doree Shafrir’s 7,000-word piece on nightmares.)* If it paginated, it could boost its pageviews significantly. But it has never paginated, and Peretti suspects the site never will. (Even BuzzFeed’s homepage isn’t paginated—it keeps loading older stories as you scroll.) BuzzFeed can afford to run stories in full because its advertising model—which relies more on “branded content” and not banner ads—doesn’t rely on pageviews. For Peretti, the most important metric for a story is how many unique people click on it, and how widely it’s shared. He says: “If you build things that people are excited about sharing with their friends—if you build things that don’t annoy people and if it’s presented in a user-friendly way—then, long-term, people will share content more, new people will come and check out what you’re doing, people will have more positive feelings about you, and … OK, maybe it’s a little bit utopian of a view, but it’s working for us.”

There's nothing I hate more than loading my Facebook news feed and systematically scrolling down the stories and have it decide it wants to give me more stories and jerkily resets my frame of view making me lose my fn place every time.

Any time I want to read or print a story online, I always hit single page view (if they have it) or print view (if they have it too), but content providers are making it MORE difficult to get "below the fold" content as they use pagination to protect it. It's the worst trend since blinken text.

Okay, so you like "single page view" for individual articles.

But for feed views, you like pagination and a timestamp like Tumblr or 9gag does so you can always go to any place in time and see the feed from that point?

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