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Question for pandawhalers: Has Failcon jumped the shark?

Question for pandawhalers Has Failcon jumped the shark

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Looking at the list of speakers and topics, not sure it's still about failure. What do you think? Have you attended in teh past. It's my birthday that day, don't want to blow it!

I've never attended but I do think producer Cass Phillipps is great.

The speakers do look like successful folks, but even successful folks can talk about the failures they've had.

The agenda does seem to be on-topic:

I think it looks pretty good, actually.

Happy almost birthday, Christina!

One question I have for you is what you hope to get out of it.

I like real stories of actual failure-- they tend to be illuminating. and yes, successes all have failures. I'm not sure what made me wonder if these were going to be fake-failures, you know like in an interview when you are asked your fault you say "I work too hard."

I've admired failcon historically for being a safe place for people to relate real failures they learned from and worry it's gotten to big to feel private enough to confess. Then again, maybe it's cool now to admit you've fucked up!

I think that's it -- now it's cool to admit how badly you've failed.

So if you go, you'll get lots of fail stories people are strangely proud of.

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