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"To all the unathletic / fat kids who were picked last in gym class... I feel you." [email protected]

To all the unathletic/fat kids who were picked last in gym class...I feel you
8:18 AM Jan 27 2012

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This is professional athlete and San Jose Shark sophomore Logan Couture's tweet after being picked last in the NHL All-Star fantasy draft.

The last guy picked is referred to as "Mr. Irrelevant".

Psh, you would think that being picked "last" would make someone feel unworthy or not as important. However being picked is being picked. If the coach who was deciding to pick the players suddenly stopped, started to sweat and then said, "Uh, and for our last member of this All-Star team I would like to behind and around)...uh (*sighs*)...Mr. Logan Couture"! If it was a case like that, yes being picked last blows. Being apart of an All-Star team is not.