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Where to have 106 Miles meet-up on June 8?

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So I got the ok from both the BBC and Illusions, both for the fine price of free. Does anyone really care about which one we end up at?

Also, do people really want colorful name tags? I don't want to waste my time thinking about it/blogging about it if people don't find it useful.

I've never been to Illusions before. Could be fun. How many people can meet there?

Also I do enjoy the colorful name tags.

Also only about 50 of the 1800 members of 106 Miles are on this website right now. Will eventually get around to inviting more...

Pros: Overall I think Illusions is bigger and better, and Ulysses was super excited when I mentioned we were a monthly gig. I also mentioned how B412 had let us bring in food for catered events, and while he wasn't to thrilled about letting us access their kitchen (most places with them seem to want us to use their food from their kitchen) he said they would be ok with us bringing it in from elsewhere...

The pros of the BBC is we can be outside, which will be nice for this month and maybe July, and then the Bay Area goes back into cold winter nights mode.

I am thinking though that they would be a good place for smaller flashmob 106 events, so I don't want to completely say no to them. I like the idea of us being an exclusive upstairs event.

Colorful name tags/blog *has been written*!

Cool. Could we try Illusions without bringing outside food to see what their food is like?

We can, I'll ask :)

Thank you Liz! I look forward to trying Illusions on June 8.

I just added 50 more slots for people to RSVP at Illusions on June 8:

What is the capacity of Illusions? Are we breaking fire codes for Palo Alto?

300-450 is what their website says...and I told them we usually have a crowd of about 100 people. If we want to pack them, I suppose we could?

Also, we'll have access to their kitchen :)

Ahhh also I'm still Tom and not Liz!!!

But now, you're back to Liz and all is good. Looks like we'll have 210 or so people at Illusions on June 8.

I'm back to Liz, and all does seem good for now. Illusions should be fun!

I agree. See you tonight!

I think the nametags are required by Meetup.

Meetup requires nametags but they do not require them to be colorful. Color is a Liz innovation...

Color isn't really an innovation I can take credit for, it was something some members suggested might be a good idea so I decided to try it out on the group. For better or for worse, it stuck because people remembered it...

Also...I'm not sure what I did, but I seem to be both myself (Liz) and Tom Annau! Or maybe I'm really Tom Annau, and Liz Bugarin is my alter-ego?

I knew you were a superhero! Srsly, tho, we're investigating this bug.

This has thrown me into quite an existential funk, to say the least. Regardless, whoever/whatever I am, it goes without saying that I'm some kind of awesome!

...and you can see the colorful blog post here:

On a related-to-this-thread-note: I'm still trying to figure out how I briefly became Tom, since I'd really like to change his profile picture back to his original picture and not have my face be his face. I feel like a jerk for changing it when I didn't see it was my account...

Liz, we have not been able to replicate the Tom bug, so we put more reporting in place in case it happens again. If you do see it again, please share the steps to replicate the bug.

In the meantime I loved your post about being beyond black and white, and I tweeted it.

Is this the Liz who is looking to jettison the immigration law stuff she does? Liz, how can you ask a question so imprecise and full of assumptions and expect to get great quality answers :-) ???!!!??? :-) Come one, you make no mention of where BBC is and where Illusions is. You merely assume everyone knows where these are. (BTW -- make sure you attack me verbally, and with visceral vengeance, when you see me)

Anyway...I happen to know where they are (but I'm just letting you know that your question wasn't a properly posed one.)

Well...I'd say Palo Alto. Why is there all this hype about SF? It's hilly, rowdy, more expensive, less suburban, a bit too glitzy yet dirty, certainly more hectic, not as safe, and just plain not 106. I feel -- like people -- entities and events need CHARACTER. Ask Larry Ellison or Facebook. You can also ask Adam Rifkin. And character = predictability and zero-compromise when it comes to certain things. And location, is just one great example of how to signal the calibre of one's character.

Illusions is at 260 South California Avenue in Palo Alto.

We'll be meeting there Wednesday, June 8, 6-9pm. See you there!

Oladayo, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and I wanted a quick and easy answer so I asked a fast and simple question, hoping that those who'd answer would understand the gist of what I was inquiring about and overlook the lack of precision and verbosity that usually exemplify the standard interactions most come to expect when dealing with lawyers and lawyer-type folks (note - I don't think I qualify as exactly a lawyer, yet, I just spend more time than most around them). I recognize that it's likely a personality flaw that I continue to hope that people will be kind and read my mind to some extent, but it gets me through my day and keeps me somewhat sane so I don't think it's a habit I'll break anytime soon.

With that said, I was inquiring specifically about the two Palo Alto venues because we had to find a new one (due to the B412's closure) and fast, and in my lack of foresight I cast a wide net and got a yes for two venues. The hype about SF is due to our outgrowing the venue we'd been using up there, and given that we're trying to meet several times a month in several parts of the Bay Area so all our members can drop in at one time or another, it made sense to us to choose a venue up there, too. Personally, I think another signal of a person's character is their ability to be adaptable.

Also, I doubt it'd ever be the case that I'd attack you verbally, it's sort of my signature trait to be kind :)

Well said Liz but it's B412 that closed not BBC. :)

Thanks for the correction, Adam :)

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