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Lance Armstrong has backers on tour despite drug report - ESPN

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USADA is a seriously backward thinking organization. They haven't solved anything; only brought more pain and sorrow.

Thankfully, at least the commenters on ESPN still know what sport really means:

"Who cares? I'll always remember how excited people were in the US when he was winning those 7 titles and I'll never forget some of the moments he had in the TDF. They can say he didn't win those 7 titles, but he did, and if he was dirty, the whole sport was. It doesn't matter now."

It's likely the whole sport was. Sadly.

The George Hincapie testimony I think is the nail in the coffin for many. And the fact they think lance is a liar.

It's interesting, they used federal investigators to force teammates to testify via subpoena, and the handed it over to USADA. It all seems like a massive waste of resources; it's like this, we have us federal investigators who spent two years investigating a retired cyclist?

I have a simple question: is the world better or worse off that lance won 7 times?

And for me, and for so many others who were inspired by him winning each of those tours -- one of the hardest events on earth -- he was an inspiration. And for those who are true fans, not just bought a Livestrong bracelet or whatever, it's the memories you can't take away.

Everyday I get on a bike, I think about riding like lance Armstrong on those tours. About him coming back from cancer, training like hell, and winning.

He's the best cyclist that ever was.

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