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Iron Man 3 and the Human Chain | Wired Science |

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This kind of "word problem" in the "real world" -- in this case a movie -- is what can get folks, kids especially, excited about science.


The sixth person in the human chain (the top person in a chain of six) would have to hold up a force of 660 pounds. This assumes an average human-chain person weight of 130 pounds, which might be low. But 660 pounds is not low. Not at all. Imagine hanging upside down with a 660-pound weight in your hand. How long could you hold this? For me, the answer would be around 0.005 seconds.

The only way this Iron Man human chain could work is if the human chain was constructed from other superhumans.

They should use belay devices and a top rope to hold the weight. :)

Which, of course, is what they're actually doing in the photo.

But they are all free alling arent they... just like sky divers.. so it doesnt make any difference whether they hold hands or not!!!

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