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Snow Job on Jobs -

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"Ahem. It’s true that when Bain Capital started, it had only a handful of employees. But it had $37 million in funds, raised from sources that included wealthy Europeans investing through Panamanian shell companies and Central American oligarchs living in Miami while death squads associated with their families ravaged their home nations. Hey, doesn’t every plucky little start-up have access to that kind of financing?

But back to the Romney jobs plan. As many people have noted, the plan has five points but contains no specifics. Loosely speaking, however, it calls for a return to Bushonomics: tax cuts for the wealthy plus weaker environmental protection. And Mr. Romney says that the plan would create 12 million jobs over the next four years.

Where does that number come from? When pressed, the campaign cited three studies that it claimed supported its assertions. In fact, however, those studies did no such thing."

Why are editorials the only places we see fact checking at NYT?

Because nobody reads the New York Times for the news anymore.

It's funny how right you are. I always peruse: and WSJ most popular, daily, and I only click-through the editorials.

I believe that "12 million" number was literally pulled out of someone's butt.

Which is why it's so awkward to talk about it.

Romney pulled out of ass funny

If he wins, how could he possibly win a second term with the promises they've made?

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